What is Romio?
Romio is a local services app that provides trusted recommendations from Experts and your social network of friends and family. The app will officially launch in New York City early fall with a gradual expansion to other major U.S. cities.

How does Romio work?
The app works two-fold: those seeking a local service and those recommending a local service. Let’s say you’re looking for a dog walker in Tribeca. Romio aggregates relevant, local recommendations from credible Experts like veterinarians and pet bloggers to provide reliable online referrals compiling a ‘best of’ list. Alternatively, say you’re a veterinarian or know an excellent dog walker – now you can share these recommendations to be discoverable on Romio and help those seeking this service in your community. Similarly, beauty bloggers can recommend their favorite hairstylists, athletes can endorse their personal trainers and parenting experts can champion superstar babysitters.

What makes a service "trusted”?
The two pillars of our trust model are recommendations made by local Romio Experts and friends or family in your social network. An "Expert" is someone who is either well-connected in their respective community or highly qualified in his/her field. For example, a veterinarian with a 4-year Veterinary degree would qualify as an Expert in the pet services industry.

How does Romio rate Service Providers?
We don't believe in a star rating system, since it’s highly flawed and outdated. Instead, we rank Service Providers within a leaderboard style – with the #1 spot at the top with the most vetted recommendations, filtered down to the Service Provider with the least amount of recommendations.

What is the criteria for becoming an Expert?
Experts are individuals who are viewed by others as knowledgeable in a specific subject matter and whose recommendations earn respect and garner trust. Some of the factors that we consider in determining the level of expertise are life experiences, professional knowledge, education, word-of-mouth and/or online reputation and body of work. We also consider the “local” contribution that someone can make on the platform. To be a local Expert, you need to have strong connections to the community or place in question. For the moment, that’s just NYC. As we roll out to other major cities, we look forward to expanding that definition and growing our network.

Is there a web version of Romio?
There will be! In August, you’ll also be able to set up your profile and make your recommendations through a web browser.