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Romio - Find and book local services recommended by trusted Experts.

Find and book local services recommended by trusted Experts.

Stop searching for services and start finding them. From Dog Walkers and Yoga Instructors to Handymen and Babysitters, Romio is the best way to find and book local services you can trust.

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Not a problem! We've put together a list for every service offered on Romio. You're welcome in advance.


NYC Housekeeper139 services >


NYC Handyman101 services >

Dog Walkers

NYC Dog Walker117 services >

Yoga Instructors

NYC Yoga Instructor246 services >


NYC Photographer244 services >

Personal Trainers

NYC Personal Trainer273 services >

Makeup Artists

NYC Makeup Artist177 services >

Hair Stylists

NYC Hair Stylist158 services >


NYC Nutritionist85 services >


NYC Tutor69 services >

Physical Therapists

NYC Physical Therapist57 services >


NYC Doula53 services >


NYC Painter43 services >

Personal Chefs

NYC Personal Chef60 services >

Pilates Instructors

NYC Pilates Instructor32 services >
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Browse around Romio. See what our top Experts have to recommend. Discover what others are booking. You might find a service you didn't even know you needed.

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Got a little more time or thinking about the future? Explore by expert recos or by category to find what you might need soon.

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Our Experts are pros at what they do. They're often published and have years of experience in the field. And they're ready to share their epxertise with you. See who they are and what they're recommending now.

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Turn your knowledge into
Cold Hard Cash.

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Become a Romio Expert and earn from your knowledge.

Become a Romio Expert and earn from your knowledge.

Earn 2.5% every time one of your recommendations are booked within 12 months (if you are the first to recommend them to the platform).