Where Does Your Favorite Fitness Instructor Workout?


By: Margaret Abrams

Kristin McGee, Yogi and Romio Fitness Expert

When I'm not teaching, I love to work out at Clay Spa in Union Square. My all-time favorite yoga teacher there is Lisa Landphair. She's very mindful and alignment based. The environment at Clay is so beautiful and I love to do my cardio there because it has such a zen atmosphere.

Have you ever wondered where your favorite fitness instructor works out when they’re not training you? Perhaps they’re far too muscle-bound to only lift small weights, or maybe their flexibility seems like it wasn’t exactly honed in the spin studio.

The Observer spoke to some of our favorite instructors to find out where the true experts workout when they’re not teaching classes. For some, including Elements Fitness founder Andrea Fornarola Hunsberger and The Training Lab owner Ruben Belliard, working out outside is ideal after a long day in the studio (especially when it involves standup paddleboarding on the water). Others, like Brooke Easton of Lyon’s Den and yogi Aditi Shah, favor the intensity offered at The Class by Taryn Toomey.

LA-based celebrity trainer Astrid Swan, who sculpts Julianne Hough’s dance body, heads to Fitmix, and Silverlake’s Sam Garcia is a fan of The Sweat Spot’s Wet Wednesdays. New York-based yoga instructors from Romio, a platform where experts give advice on their favorites, choose everything from local gyms to intense boxing classes.

Scroll through to find out where you should get your next sweat on, right next to your favorite trainer.

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