Ease the Season With These 15 Winter Packing Tips

By: Geoff Nudelman

If there’s one thing that can take the fun out of winter activities, it’s the effort in packing for them. From large-scale items like skis and snowboards to forgetting a simple pair of gloves, it’s easy to be unorganized and lose sight of the spirit of the season. Fortunately, we’ve compiled 15 tips to help ease your winter packing woes.

Think Ahead When Packing Wet Gear

Romio Home Expert Jamie Hord suggests traveling with plastic gallon bags to keep wet clothes separate from the dry. Also remember to keep a small hole in the opening at the top of the bag to let air escape and keep sour smells at bay. They’re also a great, waterproof way to carry toiletries to your destination.

Team Romio