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Sonam Singh - LSAT Tutor Expert in New York City on Romio

Sonam Singh

New York City

LSAT Tutor


Professional tutoring services for GRE, SAT and LSAT exam preparation in addition all other standardized tests.

Sonam's Expertise

Cornell University Master of Language and Literature. I've scored in the 99th percentile on the GRE, SAT and LSAT exams and have years of experience in addition to my academic background. I've worked with hundreds of students and I'm ready to help you!

Sonam's Service Offerings (3)

Sonam Singh - GRE Tutoring

GRE Tutoring

1 hour • $75.00

Sonam Singh - SAT Tutoring

SAT Tutoring

1 hour • $75.00

Sonam Singh - LSAT Tutoring

LSAT Tutoring

1 hour • $99.00

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