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Sele Ortiz - Babysitter Expert in New York City on Romio

Sele Ortiz

New York City



I am 23 years old and have been working with kids different ages for 6 years. I am bilingual. (Spanish/English) And CPR certified. I have worked with families with one child and as well as families with multiple children.

Sele's Expertise

I am from New York City. I am a senior studying Liberal Arts and when I transfer I will be studying education.

Sele's Service Recommendations (1)

Sele's Service Offerings (4)

Sele Ortiz - 1-Hour Babysitting

1-Hour Babysitting

1 hour • $20.00

Sele Ortiz - 2-hour babysitting

2-hour babysitting

2 hours • $40.00

Sele Ortiz - 3-hour babysitting

3-hour babysitting

3 hours • $60.00

Sele Ortiz - 4-hour babysitting

4-hour babysitting

4 hours • $80.00

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