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Maryanne Baker - Housekeeper Expert in New York City on Romio

Maryanne Baker

College Point



Quality assured, non toxic eco-friendly cleaning service implementing nature found ingredients that works effectively and is safe for you, your family and your fuzzy friends! I use baking soda, vinegar, dr. Bronner's products, essential oils and lemons.

Maryanne's Expertise

Have been cleaning homes for over 20 years

Maryanne's Service Offerings (5)

Maryanne Baker - Studio Apartment Cleaning

Studio Apartment Cleaning

2 hours • $70.00

Maryanne Baker - 1 Bedroom Apt Cleaning

1 Bedroom Apt Cleaning

3 hours • $103.00

Maryanne Baker - 2 Bedroom Apt Cleaning

2 Bedroom Apt Cleaning

4 hours • $138.00

Maryanne Baker - 3 Bedroom Apt Cleaning

3 Bedroom Apt Cleaning

5 hours • $172.00

Maryanne Baker - Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

7 hours • $231.00

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