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Marilyn Yip - Math Tutor Expert in New York City on Romio

Marilyn Yip

Lower East Side

Math Tutor


Hi! My name is Marilyn. I currently work as a Pre-K teacher in a private preschool. I am available on school breaks, summer, evenings on weekdays, and all day on the weekends for babysitting and tutoring services.

Marilyn's Service Offerings (5)

Marilyn Yip - Baby-Sitting


1 hour • $20.00



Marilyn Yip - 2 Hours of Babysitting

2 Hours of Babysitting


Marilyn Yip - 3 Hours of Babysitting

3 Hours of Babysitting


Marilyn Yip - Math Tutoring Session

Math Tutoring Session

1 hour • $40.00



Marilyn Yip - English Language Arts Tutor

English Language Arts Tutor

1 hour • $40.00



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