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Social Worker

Gestalt Therapist

Serves in New York City, and the surrounding area.

Serves in New York City

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Gestalt therapy is an experiential approach that supports individuals heal from past trauma, while attuning to the present experience during therapy sessions. I offer a compassionate, empathetic environment for clients to access support with their goals.

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Shelby Harvey - Gestalt Therapy - in New York City on Romio
Gestalt Therapy
60 minute$40.00
Price is based on a sliding scale fee. Contact the Gestalt Center for Psychotherapy and Training for more information. To schedule an appointment, call (212) 387-9429. You can also view the website:

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Shelby is currently pursuing a doctorate in social work. She currently works as a group counselor at Presbyterian Hospital and previously worked visiting families for one-on-one sessions with victims of domestic abuse."

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