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Dr. Rob Silverman

Serves in New York City, and the surrounding area.

Robert Silverman - Dr. Rob Silverman - Chiropractor in New York City

By Robert Silverman, Chiropractor ExpertRomio check mark

Full-time private practice in White Plains, NY, specializing in treatment of joint pain with innovative, science-based, nonsurgical approaches and functional nutrition.Serves in New York City

Service Highlights

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About the Service

Dr. Silverman graduated magna cum laude from the University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic and has a Masters of Science in human nutrition.

Service Offerings (9)
Robert Silverman - Initial Functional Chiropractic Consultation - in New York City on Romio
Initial Functional Chiropractic Consultation
45 minute$160.00
This initial consultation allows Dr. Silverman to evaluate each patient’s particular needs and begin to lay out an individualized treatment plan. (Approx. 45 minutes)
Robert Silverman - Nutritional Consult Session - in New York City on Romio
Nutritional Consult Session
45 minute$360.00
This initial nutritional consultation allows Dr. Silverman to identify a patient’s particular needs to begin devising a personalized nutrition program.
Robert Silverman - Functional Movement Assessment - in New York City on Romio
Functional Movement Assessment
45 minute$260.00
The functional movement assessment is a screening for the human movement system, helping to identify faulty movements caused by muscle and flexibility imbalances. (Approx. 45 minutes)
Robert Silverman - Functional Chiropractic Treatment - in New York City on Romio
Functional Chiropractic Treatment
45 minute$100.00
This session lasts approximately 45 minutes, during which Dr. Silverman may treat certain conditions specific to the patient with cutting edge chiropractic care techniques.
Robert Silverman - ART Consultation and Session - in New York City on Romio
ART Consultation and Session
30 minute$50.00
Active Release Technique (ART) is a highly successful approach to the diagnosis and treatment of muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and fascia, known as soft tissue. A non-invasive, hands on therapy. (Session is approx. 30 minutes.)
Robert Silverman - NormaTec Session - in New York City on Romio
NormaTec Session
20 minute$50.00
A treatment that gives a competitive edge to athletes, coaches and trainers. Each session lasts approximately 20 minutes.
Robert Silverman - Chirossager Session - in New York City on Romio
Chirossager Session
20 minute$30.00
Dr. Silverman offers this deep muscle treatment session, which lasts approximately 20 minutes.
Robert Silverman - Laser Therapy Session - in New York City on Romio
Laser Therapy Session
20 minute$50.00
Laser therapy aims to photo-biostimulate chemically damaged cells via specific wavelengths of light. Dr. Silverman offers the most advanced cold laser therapies used in the industry. (Approx. 20 minutes)
Robert Silverman - Concussion Treatment Protocol - in New York City on Romio
Concussion Treatment Protocol
30 minute$100.00
Dr. Silverman offers leading-edge treatments for concussion. These sessions are approximately 30 minutes.

What people are saying (2)

Dr. Silverman is dedicated to getting you back on your feet. He listens to his patients and completely understands the importance of nutrition. The front desk is amazing and scheduling is a breeze. Don't hesitate to call - you won't be disappointed!"

Known as one of the top Chiropractors in America and one of Romio's top Health Experts. Look to Dr. Silverman for his best recommendations."

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