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Personal Training

Lamar Mckay - Personal Training - Personal Trainer in New York City

By Lamar Mckay, Personal Trainer ExpertRomio check mark

Serves in New York City

About the Service

My techinques in strength training have lead to lean and strong physiques,that allow my clients to live happier in the skins they live in

Service Offerings (2)
Lamar Mckay - Couples strength conditioning - in New York City on Romio
Couples strength conditioning
1 hour$180.00
This has severed as pre wedding prep,post baby recovery and even a way to further bond with your loved one.
Lamar Mckay - Strength training - in New York City on Romio
Strength training
1 month$1250.00
Are you in the best shape of your life? Are you ready to be your own bodyguard? Are you ready to show your stronger both physically and mentally? I will help you surpass those goals! use training methods used by professional athletes to get you

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