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Kristin Long, LCAT

Serves in New York City, and the surrounding area.

Kristin Long - Kristin Long, LCAT - Psychotherapist in Manhattan

By Kristin Long, Psychotherapist ExpertRomio check mark

I have lived and worked in NYC for more than 20 years. My Master's and postgraduate training were completed in the city, so I am extremely familiar with service options.Serves in Manhattan

Service Highlights

Reco'd by Gail Elkin-Scott, Psychotherapist and 1 other Experts and friends.

About the Service

Psychoanalyst and Licensed Creative Arts Therapist (LCAT) where I see children, adolescents, adults and families.

What people are saying (2)

Kristin is a remarkable therapist. Her ability to connect with her clients is only equaled by her knowledge of supportive resources. She is my first choice referral for young adults, teens, children, and their families."

Kristin is an insightful and sensitive psychotherapist with expertise in Expressive Therapies, Analysis, ASL, kids, teens and adults. I highly recommend her for group or individual work."

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