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Video Marketing Agency /BNI 53

Serves in New York City, and the surrounding area.

I produce shoot and edit video for the specific purpose of lead generation/client acquisition. Videos I create are made to be viewed on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & LinkedIn. People scrolling 300ft of mobile content w/their thumbs daily. I stop th...Serves in Midtown

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Reco'd by Greg Gissen, Professional Services Expertcheck

About the Service

My job is to create a working digital asset for the businesses I serve. I provide video client acquisition funnels for use with paid and organic social media advertising. I specialize in this medium as it shows ROI unlike old school hope marketing.

Service Offerings (1)
Justin Pandelo - Build, Produce, Shoot, Edit An Online Course - in New York City on Romio
Build, Produce, Shoot, Edit An Online Course
I build turnkey online courses for business owners.

What people are saying (1)

Justin captures the feeling and compelling motivation you want your customers to have when seeing you video. He is all about standing out not fitting in."

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