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Personal Stylist

Jubilant Dose

Serves in New York City, and the surrounding area.

Jenn Hanft - Jubilant Dose - Personal Stylist in New York City

By Jenn Hanft, Personal Stylist ExpertRomio check mark

Fashion is what you make it.Serves in New York City

Service Highlights

Reco'd by Suzanne Spiegoski-Decamps, Lifestyle & Beauty Expertcheck and 3 other Experts and friends.

About the Service

You don't need brand names or labels, it's about expressing yourself and getting creative with what you have. I love helping others see the true beauty in it and making basic pieces the next feel-good-look-good style.

Service Offerings (1)
Jenn Hanft - Personal Fashion Styling - in New York City on Romio
Personal Fashion Styling
1 hour$25.00
*Limit 6 hours per day

What people are saying (4)

Jenn is an excellent stylist. She is all about achieving the best quality in digital content whether it's fashion, lifestyle, and more. She has a great eye and is a total sweetheart. Always a pleasure working with her!"

Jenn really knows what she's talking about when it comes to fashion and style. She's an amazing, down-to-earth person who is easy to talk to! Her social media posts are thoughtful, and she pairs them with aesthetically pleasing photographs."

Jenn is a FABULOUS stylist! She has a killer creative eye and knows how to find the perfect look for you. She is super professional and easy to work with."

Jenn’s style is chic and minimalist, and she has a great eye for styling."

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