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Physical Therapist

Fernando Moreno PT

Serves in New York City, and the surrounding area.

Fernando Moreno Jr. - Fernando Moreno PT - Physical Therapist in New York City

By Fernando Moreno Jr., Physical Therapist ExpertRomio check mark

Offering personalized, one-on-one PT services.Serves in New York City

Service Highlights

Reco'd by Michael Gonzalez-Wallace, Fitness Expertcheck and 1 other Experts and friends.

About the Service

I offer one-one personalized physical therapy services. I'm certified in Mulligan technique, functional movement assessment, and rock tape.

Service Offerings (3)
Fernando Moreno Jr. - Physical Therapy (in the gym) - in New York City on Romio
Physical Therapy (in the gym)
60 minute$180.00
One on One physical therapy in gym setting. Treatments include: evaluation, postural assessments, manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, neuromuscular re-education, patient education (home exercise program), and foam rolling, stretches.
Fernando Moreno Jr. - Postural Assessment - in New York City on Romio
Postural Assessment
45 minute$75.00
You'll be assessed using the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA). It's a great tool to evaluate limitations in movement that may be hindering your workout progress or causing pain.
Fernando Moreno Jr. - Physical Therapy (in your home) - in New York City on Romio
Physical Therapy (in your home)
60 minute$225.00
Home Physical Therapy. Services include evaluation/assessment, manual therapy, therapeutic exercises and patient education. May or may not include treatment table.

What people are saying (2)

Fernando is a highly professional and skilled physical therapist "

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