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Computer Repair Specialist

IT Help At Its Best!

Serves in New York City, and the surrounding area.

David Tufino - IT Help At Its Best! - Computer Repair Specialist in New York City

By David Tufino, Computer Repair Specialist ExpertRomio check mark

Corporate Network, backups, printers, Active Directory, email, PC, Mac. I’m your guy!Serves in New York City

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About the Service

With over 15 years tech experience in the corporate world, I have an abundance skillset that can help anyone in need of tech help. corporate network, backups, printers, Active Directory, email, PC, Mac. I’m your guy!

Service Offerings (1)
David Tufino - IT w/ Tufino - in New York City on Romio
IT w/ Tufino
60 minute$150.00
My rates are 150.00 and hour for personal and small businesses!

What people are saying (1)

David is not only a elite photographer but he has worked in the IT and computer space for 10+ years. If you need help setting up your organizations internet, printer, cameras, MAC, PC, hardware or software. David is your go to dude!"

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