putting trust in local recommendations


How It Works

The app is two-fold: those looking for a local service and those recommending one. 

Find & Book

Let’s say you’re looking for a dog walker in Tribeca. Romio aggregates relevant, local recommendations from friends, as well as credible local experts like veterinarians, and/or pet bloggers, to provide a curated list of reliable online referrals.  

Find a perfect match?  You can book the service right there - all within the app.


Alternatively, if you are a veterinarian, you can invite your customers and friends to recommend you to be discoverable on Romio.

Not a veterinarian but know an amazing dog walker?  Then hop on Romio to share your recommendations.  But no need to stop at the dog walker - maybe you also know a nanny, a personal trainer, a chiropractor?  Now you can share the love with friends and family seeking similar services.