Events: Yoga with Romio Expert Dina Ivas

Last week, Romio hosted a private yoga class taught by Yoga Instructor and Romio Expert, Dina Ivas. The exclusive class brought together fellow Yoga Experts and friends of Romio for an evening of exercise and zen. Also in attendance was renowned Yoga Photographer and Romio Expert, David Tufino. David's Photography and Dina's Yoga classes will be bookable on the Romio platform when the app officially launches in New York City come fall.

One of the greatest benefits of being a part of the Romio community is the opportunity to build relationships through our diverse network of Experts and Service Providers. We're excited to host our next event to keep our tight-knit community in-the-know about more interesting services Romio will make available to the public in the fall.


Photos Courtesy of David Tufino.

Team Romio