5 Ways to Stay Healthy this Holiday Season from Romio’s Fitness Experts

Whether it’s too much mashed potatoes at Friendsgiving or grandma’s homemade snickerdoodle cookies, the holidays come with overindulging. To keep us on track this holiday season, we asked some of our Romio Fitness Experts to share their tips to make it through the gingerbread and the cranberry sauce.

1. Don’t bite off more than you can chew – Kim-Lien Kendall

When loading up your plate during holiday dinners, instead of restricting yourself from yummy seasonal treats, limit your portion size. Take a small taste of everything you want and chew slowly to really enjoy the flavors. You'll fill up faster than you think and you won't feel like you've deprived yourself or offended your relatives.

2. Load up on protein – Julie Peacock

Eating foods high in protein for breakfast and lunch (sustainably sourced meats, fish, nuts, eggs and legumes) help to stabilize your blood sugar and decrease cravings. When faced with sweets at work or calorie dense foods at a holiday party, you'll be less likely to dive in if your blood sugar are stable.


3. Don’t fill up on apps Lauren Kelly

Either have a small plate and don’t go back for seconds, or before heading over – have a small snack that’s rich in protein and fiber to keep you satiated until dinner (i.e. a handful of almonds and a piece of fruit or plain Greek yogurt with berries).

4. Eat right on the off days – Stacy Leung

Take advantage of the “normal” days where there are no parties or festivities to eat well. Try to include more fruits and vegetables with your meals and snacks because these are the foods that we typically do not get enough of at parties. If you can, also try to minimize eating out by cooking more at home and saving the more indulgent foods, like sweets and junk food, for party time.

5. Forgiveness is key – Maria Marlowe

When it comes to healthy eating, it's not all or nothing. If you do overindulge one evening, don't beat yourself up or wallow in guilt or self-pity – which will just lead to a snowball effect of poor eating choices. Instead, enjoy yourself, then move on and get back on track the next morning with a nutritious breakfast and lunch.

We know some of these are easier said than done, and Team Romio will never judge, but if the holidays get the best of you – download Romio in the App Store or on Google Play after the holiday season and book a workout session with a Romio Fitness Service Provider!

Team Romio